Introducing Necking’s ONE KAST series of unique tapes! The audio on each cassette  is recorded linearly, straight to this very tape, without any post-production, only stop-start-rewind-pause. One side is Rop solo and the other side is Nick solo. Each cassette has unique artwork, by a growing roster of contributing artists. Every tape is different and none will be duplicated.* As analog as can be!

NECKING::ONE KAST::No.1 – art by Alexis Negron – $10OneKast_No.1_web

NECKING::ONE KAST::No.2 – art by Thomas Slattery – $10OneKast_No.2_web

NECKING::ONE KAST::No.3 – art by Alexis Negron – $10OneKast_No.3_web

There are more to come! Contact to purchase, or if you’d like to contribute artwork!

*For our personal records, we have captured digital audio from the completed tapes. If you like, we can provide mp3s along with the tape, but we will not disseminate them. That is entirely up to you.

BREAKARTS / NECKING split 12″ 45rpm
Limited to 500 copies.
$10 (+ $3.50 shipping in US)img-splitcover_web


ALIEN WHALE has a brand new 10″, released by Care In The Community (UK), available from Forced Exposure.


Listen to ALIEN WHALE’s  performance on WFMU on July 21, 2014. in the archive.

A review of ALIEN WHALE at Supersonic 2014, Birmingham UK

“Then, one of the weekend’s mightiest acts stormed the stage, early evening light still dappling, even though their crazed sounds were meant for the midnight hour. Alien Whale brings together the tri-borough (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens) New Yorkers Colin Langenus (guitar), Matt Mottel (keytar), and Nick Lesley (drums), three musical maniacs with a desperate rapport, once again taking a form, psychedelic jazz-rock, and bending it into an extreme parody—thrilling, absurd, macho and moronic, virtuosic and violent. Mottel and Langenus were vying for supremacy as they traded ever more elaborate solos, kept aloft and limber by Lesley’s whipcrack patterns. When Langenus was rising up to solo dominance, Mottel maintained a rippling bass flow, but when the keytar-slinger came forth himself, the treble end suddenly ripped into glorious primacy, in a rocked up Terry Riley rupture of rapture. They played like it was their final show, as if it was the latest, most drink’n’drug fuelled nightcap possible.”

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